NOTE: The site is currently under construction. There will be no charge to add Directory Listings at this stage. People already listed in the Directories prior to official launch will also get the first 3 months free, after which you will be charged $8.95 per month.
For Events and Courses - by all means add listings to see how it works but be aware there may not be much promotion before April.
Launch will depend on how quickly we have a good variety of goods, services and people to promote to the public so please tell any friends who may be interested in listing. [

3 Ways to Advertise on NewAge Marketplace

We're looking for genuine new-age type businesses offering quality goods and services to Australians.
We reserve the right to reject or terminate advertisements for businesses or goods that we feel are not new-age or well-being in nature.

1. Directory Listing: $8.95 per month
CLICK to add a Listing:
Business Directory
Psychic Directory
Healing Directory
Events & Courses

The listing includes a small thumbnail image (70x70px) which we can adjust to fit. Choose a face or logo or something that looks OK small and square.

We also include a hyperlink which could be to your website, Facebook page etc. If you don't have your own site, talk to us about setting up a webpage for you.

2. Feature Ad: $29.95 per month
There are a limited number of feature ads on the site - 8 on each of the Listing pages
The size is 400x250 px - which will appear larger or smaller depending on the size of the screen. Positions are on a first-come basis.

Ads will need to look professional and not too cluttered to be able to be read on small devices. A hyperlink is included. If you need artwork done we can help for a small additional charge.
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Feature Ads also get a complimentary Directory Listing.

Email us now to book a place and organise artwork.
Billing time will not start until after launch.
Ad positions on page are available on a first-come basis.

3. Mall Listing: $29.95 per month
This section is for linking directly to online stores so customers can start shopping after one click.

We will link directly straight to your site from our dropdown menu, as well as including a Mini-Banner for you on The Mall page with a link (like those below).
Also included is a listing in the Business Directory.
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Amulets, Talismans, Anne Stokes products, Candles, Gemstones, Dragons, Soaps & more
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Singing Bowls, Crystals, Essential Oils, Jewellery, Fragrance, Candles, Dream Catchers
We have a template set up (below) for a store you can easily run yourself.

The products, orders and payments are managed by you via a third-party web page dashboard. They have a range of plans starting with a free account. Add as many products as you like.
The store can also be embedded on your own website.
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Our advertisers, their products and services are promoted on our Social Media Feeds.

We have set up feeds on
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and have already started promoting our early advertisers
to get the ball rolling.
Please like and share among your friends and clients to spread the word.

We will choose items from the online shops of our advertisers to promote on social media,
as well as information from new listings and feature ads.

Our home page will feature the current feeds from Facebook and Instagram:

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